Customized AR solutions for sustainable growth

RevTell's customizable revenue cycle management outsourcing solutions remedy your accounts receivable challenges, so you can achieve sustainable growth. Our consultants and industry experts serve as an extension of your team to focus on increasing revenue in the ever-changing health care landscape.

Why Revtell?

Outsource Your Revenue Cycle

Healthcare providers are facing increased complexities of medical billing operations with numerous challenges.

  • Increased A/R days

  • Low cash flows

  • Insufficient resources

  • Declining reimbursements

  • Lack of reporting/analytics

We answer these challenges by leveraging technology and medical billing experience across the healthcare community.

  • Sizeable improvements in cost to collect and payment per procedure

  • Significant reduction in A/R days

  • Operational cost reduction and enhanced coordination

  • Robust analytics and reporting

  • Denial reduction

  • Improved/Measurable cash flow

  • Improved communication efficiency across departments to enhance operations and the patient experience

The RevTell Difference

Our consultants and industry experts serve as an extension of your team to focus on increasing revenue in the ever-changing health care landscape.

Superior Operations Management

RevTell employs diverse and experienced managers that allow us flexibility to align your needs to each specialty of our management team members. This individual is ultimately your day to day contact and involved in all aspects of our relationship with you.

Experienced Project Management

RevTell assigns a dedicated project manager that works with your dedicated representatives to train, coach and guide the team to meet our designated project goals with you.

Professional Service Representatives

RevTell prides itself on hiring only the most experienced, productive and success driven representatives. This gives RevTell and our clients a distinct advantage to immediately integrate into your project and provide best in class results.

Ready for an enhanced experience?

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A Better Workflow With RevTell

RevTell’s revenue cycle management solutions are built to redefine workflow and optimize revenue in small-to-mid size and specialty health care practices.

Insurance Benefit Verification

RevTell can assure your patients' services are covered prior to service. Let us develop a custom program that assures payment and coverage. We contact patients with information prior to service as well for transparency.

Revenue Cycle Operations Consulting

RevTell’s operations experts assist your practice in optimizing revenue and updating workflows enhancing revenue.

Medical Billing Outsourcing

Customized outsourcing solutions for your practice may be the answer. We cater to your needs, allowing you to focus entirely on patient care instead of administrative tasks. Our experts improve revenue and customer service.

Patient Program Qualification

RevTell assists practices with Medicaid and charitable care qualification. Let us design a program to assist your unique needs.

Charge Entry/Payment Posting

RevTell can assist with these tasks allowing your staff to focus on revenue capture. RevTell undersands our responsibility as it relates to securing cardholder data received from patients.

Onboarding Practice Management Software

If you are converting and have limited practice resources, RevTell can be the answer. We assist with PM setup and billing configurations.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Reporting

Customized regular reporting is key to a practice's success and allows you to make financial decisions with improved transparency.

A recent computer conversion left us with a growing A/R, multiple reporting issues, and frustrated, overworked office staff. RevTell was able to grasp the key issues and make meaningful recommendations in a short amount of time. They were able to redesign our business office, allowing for a greater balance of workloads and improved job satisfaction. We are also seeing fewer claims denials along with an improvement in cash flow. RevTell demonstrated the experience and knowledge to move us in the right direction. I highly recommend RevTell!

CEO Family Physician Practice

We couldn’t ask for a better RCM vendor. RevTell has elevated and professionalized our RCM well beyond our expectations. RevTell has allowed us to focus more on our mission — by doing what they do best (RCM) and giving us greater opportunity to do what we do best (health care). RevTell continues to play an integral role in our efforts to expand the reach of our mission and invest in the future.

COO Clinic

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